About Carmel Gun Club

Carmel Gun Club is a competition-oriented club located in central California that conducts a variety of matches each year, usually on the fourth Saturday of each month. We shoot CMP-sanctioned High Power, CMP-sanctioned As-Issued Service Rifle, and Swiss ordnance rifle matches. We also conduct CMP and Swiss-sanctioned pistol matches a few times a year. Most of the pistol matches are fired in conjunction with a rifle match.  What follows is a general overview of the types of matches we conduct.

Rimfire Sporter

.22LR rifles fired from the standing, sitting and kneeling position at ranges of 25 and 50 yards.

CMP High Power

Participants compete at ranges of 200yds, 300yds and 600yds (in our case the 600yd string is simulated due to range restrictions) using AR-based match, or match prepared rifles. Matches consist of a series of slow and rapid fire events fired from the standing, sitting and prone positions.

Swiss Rifle

Competitors use Swiss ordnance rifles (like K31s or K1911s) to compete for medals issued by the Swiss shooting sports association that governs the events. All matches are fired at a range of 300 meters from the prone position. Participants may use other types of rifles, but they may not be eligible for any awards. The club maintains six K31s for use by members at no charge.

Pistol Matches

While most of our matches call for the use of rifles, we do conduct a few Swiss and CMP-sanctioned pistol matches each year. These matches require the use of a .22LR pistol, Swiss authorized, or CMP-authorized Military or Police pistol (9mm or .45). These matches are shot one or two-handed at distances of 25 and 50 yards.

As-Issued Service Rifle

These are CMP-sanctioned matches conducted at distance of 200 yds. Authorized rifles are primarily WWII and earlier military rifles, like 1903 Springfield bolt action or the M1 "Garand". A new category is call Modern Military. This category allows for the use of M1As and ARs, but only if in an as-issued configuration. Current California laws virtually eliminates the use of as-issued ARs from competition.

Other Information

  • The May pistol matches honor the memory of Captain Gordon Nakagawa, USN. He was instrumental in creating the NPS Marksmanship Team and was a mentor to many members of the Carmel Gun Club.
  • You do not have to join our club if this is your first time competing with the club. You will only have to pay a match fee of $30, plus an amount for lunch, usually $10.
  • Carmel Gun Club does not own or operate a range. We rent the ranges of the Monterey County Swiss Rifle Club (MCSRC) to conduct our matches. Carmel Gun Club members do not have access to the MCSRC facilities except during a scheduled match. Membership in the MCSRC is limited and by invitation only. Regular members must show proof of Swiss heritage. A limited number of Associate memberships (for non-Swiss) are authorized, but only if sponsored by a regular MCSRC member.
  • Please feel welcome to attend any of our matches to get acquainted and see what we are all about. If you have any additional questions please contact us at carmelgunclub@outlook.com.